Dear Christian,

Happy 14 months old! Every day I look at your face and think to myself that you are swiftly turning into a little boy, and no longer look like a baby. My Mr. Cheeks seems to be Mr. Cheeks no more….How does that happen?

Look out world Christian is fully on the move! It’s amazing how quickly you became so good at walking! You started at Christmas by taking wobbly steps, and now you basically run. This month started with you looking like Frankenstein when you walked, and now you are a pro. Of course you still fall…ALOT….but you are building confidence. Sometimes you think you don’t have to pay attention to where you are going, but I hope you learn that no matter how good of a walker you become, you still have to watch where you are going!

You are hesitant to use your words. I have a feeling it’s because I anticipate your every need before you ask for it. Maybe I need to step back a bit? You call me Ma Ma, and Daddy Da Da. You say Yes, and Wow. Out of all the words I try to get you to say daily I am not sure why those stuck? We work on animal sounds and you do your version of a Lion, Pig, Horse and Bee. Again, I am not sure why those stuck in your head, but it makes me proud.

One thing you do excel at is sign language! You can sign Finished, More, Food/Eat, Milk, shoes, and Please (we are working on manners). I wish I could sign more to you, but I am learning as you do. You are picking it up quickly, and in no time you and your daddy will be able to talk about me with out me knowing what you are saying. I warn you now that I won’t be pleased!

Why won’t your teeth come in faster? I feel so bad that you are in pain every day. As of now you have 5 teeth (3 on top, 2 bon bottom), with 1 more that has been working it’s way in for the past 4 weeks. I wish they would just pop through! As much as it would be painful, I know it would quickly come to an end. I promise to try to make you as comfortable as possible.

The terrible two’s has already began. You certainly have a mind of your own and are not afraid to tell me when you need or want something. And if I don’t jump the moment you want it you scream. No good little man! Mommy quickly needs to show you who’s boss. Not only that you like to give everyone what we like to call “the stink eye”. You furrow your brow and frown. It’s not a nice face, and I find myself apologizing to everyone who is unlucky enough to get this horrible look.

Eating is our biggest challenge. The world is much more exciting than any food that I put on your plate. Fruit and yogurt always make it into your belly, but everything else is hit or miss. I even have to hide veggies in other foods to make sure you get your share. My new motto is “you will eat when you are hungry”. Let’s just hope enough nutritious food is making it into your belly.

You are now fully attached to your blue bunny blanket and your Nuk (pacifier). You have slept with your bunny since you were 6 months old, but now bunny comes with you everywhere that I will allow it. As for your Nuk, if I let you, you would have it in your mouth all the time. To stop that I try to keep it hidden in your crib, but you are much to smart for that. It makes it’s way out of there every day. Personally, I think it’s sweet that you have things that make you feel safe, so for now I am happy that you have them.

I am having the best time of my life with you my little man. I love your squeezy bear hugs, and I cherish every moment of our cuddle time. Every day is a new adventure, and I love sharing every day with you.

Love, Mommy