Growing up my house always had decorations up for the seasons. My mom always made a point of it. She has wreaths and flower arrangements and all sorts of decorations for each holiday/season. My favorite season of course is Christmas. Growing up we had bins and bins of holiday decorations. Each year the family would get together, put on Christmas music and decorate the house together.(we still do this today) It was a large task, but we always enjoyed it. My mom must’ve passed the seasonal decorating gene onto me, because now I decorate my own home in the same manner. For my bridal shower my bridesmaids each were given a season in which to buy decorations for. They put the decorations in bins, and now each season when I go to decorate I can remember the special people who gave them to me. My mother in law also put together a beautiful bin and basket of seasonal decorations. So between the group of them I was all set! Now, in my attic I have bins separated by season, so that when it comes time to decorate, I just need to carry down those particular bins!

Fall is probably my 2nd favorite season to decorate for. You have the beautiful rich colors and when your house is decorated for fall it just feels very warm. I can’t believe my fall bin is almost ready to make its trip down from the attic. Where did the summer go?

So if you are a seasonal decorator like I am make it easy on yourself. Separate out your storage bins by season. This way, when the time comes to decorate for that particular season you won’t need to be sifting through bins or boxes or random decorations in your attic or basement. This technique definitely saves you time and energy.

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