Ahhh men and women…Mars and Venus. It is totally amazing how people can be so different. Just one little difference in chromosomes puts a man and a woman on opposite sides of the spectrum in so many cases. I am no way an expert on marriage, especially considering I have only been married for over 1 year…but I do feel that after 8 1/2 years of being in a relationship I have learned something. Therefore, I am starting a segment I like to call Wifey 101. Every once in a while there a tiny moment when a light bulb flashes in my head and I say…AHA! I totally understand where my husband is coming from. Those moments are sometimes few and far between, but when they come I feel like I should make a note of them for future reference. My blog will be my reference, and I hope a reference to you, my readers.

The first segment I am calling “Ask and ye shall receive”. It is a very simple concept, yet for some reason us women have such a hard time doing it. What is it you ask? Asking for help. We just don’t do it! I think the interaction in the movie The Break Up says it best. The main character Brooke is upset that her boyfriend doesn’t help her with the dishes. They argue and finally she says “I want you to WANT to do the dishes!” and his response is “Why would I WANT  to do the dishes?” Does this fight sound familiar? I know it does in my house.  I am sure most women can relate to wanting her man to want to help out and to do things with out being asked…but I gotta tell you that I honestly don’t believe it’s in their genes. Are there men that will?? Yes of course! Women who have those men…praise the lord for it because there aren’t many!


So here is what I have learned. It is amazing how much help your man will give you if you only ask for it. That’s right. In most cases all you have to do it ask. Will my husband clean up the kitchen on his own?? Nope! But I have learned that if I ask him to do so he will. Will it ever be his idea to vacuum??? Nope, pretty much never…but if I ask he certainly will. I know I know..many of you think that it’s not fair that we have to ask the men to do things, and it’s true. No one has to ask me to make dinner or do the laundry…but the way I see it is…it is what it is.

We could all do the girl thing forever…you know the girl thing. Just sit there and hope that your man knows exactly what you want him to do….and when he doesn’t, be angry about it. I have been trying to do that less. After 8 1/2 years I have realized that my husband just doesn’t get it. So here is some homework. If there is something you want your guy to do just ask him! Is it as good as having him decide to do it on his own?? No…but is it better than sitting there angry wishing he would just do it? YES!

I hope you enjoyed the first post in the segment I call Wifey 101. Us women have to stick together and share our knowledge of the male species. So please feel free to share your experiences by commenting…and if you are a blogger and would like to do a guest post and post about something  you’ve learned then please contact me!