I have been feeling very restless recently. I feel like I need something fun and exciting to happen. I guess this feeling is not unusual. Probably most people wish exciting things would happen, and I am no different than most. But no matter what the fact still remains that I am feeling restless, and I am not exactly sure what I want or need to happen to make it go away.

Recently I have been telling my husband I want a cat. I have never been a cat person, but I feel like a cat would be a great secondary animal in our household. It is a furry friend, but takes a lot less effort to take care of than a dog. Some may tell me that I am using this cat to help fill my need to take care of something post miscarriage, and that I will regret my decision once I do get pregnant again…but I am not so sure. I am an animal lover and if my family did not live far away I would probably have more animals in our home. (at least if it were up to me). But my husband has said no…so I am left with no cat. Now what?

I also want to go away. My husband and I have had a very rough summer and have not had much time to focus on our marriage. We have been there for each other through it all, but it’s time to focus on happier times together rather than sad, and I think a little getaway would be perfect. But, here is the dilemma. It costs money, and we are working very hard to be smart and save for our next home and for our future. Although we do have vacation savings, I would rather use that on a bigger trip in the future…so again…I am left restless deciding what to do.

 I am a firm believer in taking control of your own life and your own happiness. No one else can do that for you. So once I figure out a way to relieve this restless feeling I will let you know….but for now, I will continue to be restless. Can I just go back to “our” beach house in New Jersey to watch and listen to the waves crash at night? That would be just wonderful….