I am by no means a gambler. I play it safe, and have a real hard time losing, but when the New York Mega Millions reaches over 200 Million dollars my husband and I always play. Now we come to my dilemma. Where does one draw the line when it comes to the lottery? The odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot at this point is 175,711,536 to 1. Yup you read that right. Put in layman’s terms….there is no chance in HELL that you are going to win. BUT…and I say but….someone out there will win, so isn’t it possible that someone could be you?? I guess it’s that kind of thinking that has led us to Friday’s jackpot of 325 MILLION DOLLARS!

2 weeks ago my mom called to tell me that the jackpot was over 200 million dollars. She asked if my husband and I could buy her some tickets. At this point we agreed that we would play mega millions (in NY) and she would play powerball (in PA) and if either of us wins we’d split it. My husband and I agreed to the terms and we bought $20 worth of tickets. The drawing comes and we check our tickets excitedly….and guess what…we didn’t even win 1 FREE TICKET! We won absolutely nothing! This made me really mad…which is why I never play…because I get so angry at losing that it makes playing less fun. But we found out that no one won the jackpot, and it went up. Therefore, we felt the need to enter the next jackpot. Can you guess what happened? That’s right..NADA! NOTHING! Another $20 down the drain! This continued and as of this past Tuesday we were in for $80. That is 4 drawings. Tuesday’s drawings we even upped our chances and went in with two of my husbands coworkers. Do you know we got out of that? $.33! You read that right $.33. We won $2 and split 3 ways that’s $.66 for us, and we had to split our $.66 with my parents…so we were big winners of $.33! wooo hooo! So with our big winnings we are now in for $2 with 2 tickets for tonight’s drawing. You know what’s even worse? I did a quick pick and the 2 numbers came out with 2 of the same mega ball number! When does that happen??

But here is the real dilemma. We started this process by playing certain numbers. My mom plays powerball with numbers corresponding to our families birthdates. So we played those numbers and my husband and I did the same thing with numbers corresponding to us. This means that if we quit playing those number now, and they hit we will never forgive ourselves. But where does it end??? You know what? I don’t even care if we win the millions. Can I win $10,000? That would be so fun! You know what the odds are right now to win that? 689,065 to 1. Looking at it that way is really depressing. Even winning $2 is 1 in 75. I do not like those odds. We should’ve taken our $80 and went to Atlantic city. I think I would fare better playing black jack with that money!

Someone has gotta win this jack pot soon. We are going to go broke dreaming of the big win. Can you imagine reading my post on Monday saying that I won??? First big purchase? A beach house! So come on Mega Millions! Momma wants a beach house!