I feel like over the past 6 or 7 years a lot of change has happened in my life. I had a baby, I learned about motherhood, had a second baby, figured out life with two (or have at least tried), and soon a new big change is about to happen. OK, I know I have oversimplified things, but this post isn’t about the change that has happened before, it’s about what comes next. In a few weeks my baby boy will be entering Kindergarten, and soon he will no longer be home most of the day. That means, that my day’s focus will now solely be on my daughter.  For the past 2 years my daughter has jumped into a life that revolved around getting my son to and from where he needs to be. She has yet to have too many things of her own, but that’s about to change. We are about to enter a “new normal” in our day where my son leaves in the morning and I am not tasked at picking him up or bringing him anywhere else till later in the afternoon. What will my day look like? What will the new normal be?

My son was in school 4 mornings a week last year, but that still meant getting us all up and dressed to drive him, and then to pick him up. Then there were play dates, and other services that we need to get him to and from. It gave us a point of reference. We only had do much time to get things done because it wasn’t long before we had to pick up Christian. He was with us at all 3 meals (most of the time) and I feel like his activities set the tone for our day, but that’s no longer the case. Now, most of the day will be about Tessa. There is nothing to break it up. No drop offs (other than the bus stop) and no pick ups. We are wide open to do what we, mommy and Tessa, plan to do.

Many would say “but that’s great….you are down to one kid!), and they would probably be right. Errands and other activities will be easier this way. Tessa now deserves to have things of her own, but it’s just different. I can’t explain it. It’s almost like I will have to adjust to it being just me and her. We have never truly had that. I was lucky that with the space between my children, I was able to have one on one time with each. This new normal will give me the opportunity to give Tessa what Christian had. My sole attention, and that’s really great. It’s what I wanted. But now that I’m getting it, I know it will take getting used to. Having Christian not there will, for a while, feel like I am missing a part of me.

So I am trying to picture this new normal. I have mommy and me classes set up, I am going to be working (more) again, and other then that it’s wide open to figure out what our new day will look like. Lucky Tessa gets mommy’s full attention from about 9-4, and I think it’s going to be great. She will miss her brother, and I will miss my boy, but the new normal is coming whether we like it or not. We are entering a new change, and I THINK I am ready for it. If change has to happen, I like the kind I can prepare for….this is that kind.

So on to new adventures! On to figuring out what life looks like with one in school and one home. On to missing my boy, but treasuring this precious time with my girl. No matter what happens I am feeling lucky to be a part of it all. Here’s to embracing the new normal!