Can labor day really be this weekend? Wasn’t it just memorial day? How did summer fly by? How is it that we seemed to just have Pre school graduation, but next week he starts Kindergarten? Summer is my most favorite time of year, and I find myself wishing it to come around January, and before I know it…it’s done. And I panic. I really do. I feel like I haven’t done all the things I have wanted to, and I get bummed out. Can I still fit them in?

Last weekend I found myself outside around 8 pm at a friends house catching fireflies with my kids. I realized at that moment that Tessa had never caught a fire fly, and if I didn’t do it with Christian he would’ve never caught a firefly while he was five. That’s just totally unacceptable! So we caught fireflies…check!

Christian asked me to do a lemonade stand way back in early spring. I told him it was just too cold to have one. I told him to wait for summer. Then summer hit and we were busy. Then, last week he brought it up again and I thought “shoot! we are running out of time!” So guess what? We did a lemonade stand! He had a blast and I am pretty certain it won’t be his last.

But what about the things we didn’t do? We didn’t make it to sesame Place or Dutch wonderland like I wanted. As the months tick away I am reminded that there is only so much time left to do these things with the kids. Christian is getting bigger. What if we missed it? Will Sesame be the same at 6 as it would be at 5? Will it have to be so Tessa can enjoy it? Overthinking yes….but nevertheless they are thoughts I have.

Time moves forward whether we want to or not. I don’t think anyone ever thinks “yup….I have done everything that I wanted to do”. I think it’s just how things are. The trick is not dwelling on it and moving on. That’s what I will focus on now. School starts next week, and the days of summer are over…FACT! So I will enjoy the few days we have left. I just hope my kids remember these times as happy ones. I wonder what memories will stick in their minds? So bring on Labor Day weekend. Let’s enjoy the end of summer!