I am a business woman. I expanded my Dad’s company to a whole different state. I am a saleswoman. And how did I do all this? By being humble and giving my customers great customer service. It’s something we actually boast about. Most of my customers are my customers because they like me, and I like it this way. It’s about relationships. On TV they show of the days where you’d go to the local store and everyone knew your name…What happened to that? What happened to the days when you called to talk to someone in customer service, you would actually get to speak to someone from the United States? And last but not least what happened to the days when companies actually cared whether they kept you as a customer or not??

My View on Customer Service

It might be because I am in a customer service type business, but I honestly feel that every customer is valuable. Yes, or course there are the ones who order very little, but the trick is to make those customers feel just as important as the ones who order big. I feel that I deserve the same treatment when I give other companies my business.

Maybe it’s because I am getting more and more grown up each year, but I am noticing more and more that other companies just don’t have the same values that I do. This completely baffles me. In this economy are they able to be that choosy? Companies are going out of businesses, individuals are going bankrupt….This country is in crisis people…shouldn’t you value every customer?

I am a broker so I use other vendors. I find it amazing how many of those vendors screw up my orders and barely even apologize or try to make it right. This past week, my cable provider (who has been hunting me down for months to switch to their phone service) decided they didn’t have to call to tell us they were not showing up on the day they were supposed to. My husband and I both took time off of work (at different times) to be here??!! What was their excuse…oopsss…I’m sorry. Sorry?? If I did any of what other companies did to me, I know I would not keep any of my customers.

So what is it? Yes people out there I am looking for answers, because I have no idea why it’s like this. Where has the world gone wrong? Why don’t companies want my business??