Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms and Moms to be! How exciting to have a day all to yourself where your children (and hopefully husband) show their appreciation for all the work you do and the love you give them. This Mother’s Day I am feeling a bit sad and guilty that I am not spending it with my mom.

When you are very close to your family it is very difficult to live far away from them. I am lucky that I am only 2 1/2 hours driving distance from them, but in a perfect world I would be able to visit them more regularly. This Mother’s Day my sister is hosting a BBQ and my parents and brother are going to her, and I will be the only one not there…That is tough for me. It is my fault though. I technically could go…but as you read in a previous post my mom visited just last week and I got to spend time with her then. Isn’t that what the day is about anyway? Spending time with your mom? Plus, since I have chosen to live a bit of a distance away, I have to learn to accept I am just going to miss some things.

Here’s to You Mom!

I figure this can be a great forum to openly praise my mom! Here’s to you mom!

My mom is the greatest mom in the world. I am one lucky girl! She has always been there for our family in every way. I strive in every way to someday be a mom like her. She put her entire self into being a mom. She was a homemaker by trade, and along with my dad made us the great and close family unit we are today. I can always count on my mom for anything. She is my friend, my support, and my cheerleader. Words can’t express my thanks…but with all my heart THANK YOU MOM FOR BEING YOU!

This Mother’s day I will be celebrating with my Mother in law. My husband’s family is amazing so I am lucky to be able to spend this day with them. Someday I will be a mother myself, so this day will be mine.  ? I look forward to that!

So to all the Mothers, I hope you enjoyed your day!

How do you spend Mother’s Day?