It’s almost full blown summer time baby! This past weekends beautiful weather has me so excited about this upcoming summer, so in the spirit of summer and warm weather I think focusing on AMAZING burgers is a great thing for this weeks Things I Love Thursday on The Diaper Diaries blog! What are those AMAZING burgers you ask? Well they are BUBBA BURGERS!

I was introduced to Bubba Burgers at a friends BBQ last summer. I have always been a fan of frozen burgers due to the fact that they are so easy! Being that I normally just cook for 2, it’s a waste for me to buy fresh burger meat to cook because the packs always come in too large of sizes. Frozen burgers allows me to cook 2 burgers and keep the rest frozen. Frozen burgers are good..they serve their purpose but you can’t really compare them to a fresh burger…until now!

Bubba Burgers come in 8 different types and flavors.

  1. The Original Bubba Burger: “This here’s the BUBBA that started it all! A 1/3-lb of juicy, 100% ground USDA choice chuck that doesn’t need more than 10 minutes to cook. If you love homemade burgers, a BUBBA burger® has the taste and texture you are looking for. Get ‘em in 2- or 4- lb. packages. It just depends on the size of your appetite. Feed yourself or your whole family with a 2-lb or a 4-lb box of the Original BUBBA burgers”
  2. The Reduced Fat Bubba Burger: This burger has 30% less fat and 40% less calories than the regular Bubba Burger.
  3. Certified Angus Beef Bubba Burger:
  4. Sweet Onion Bubba Burger: This one is my personal favorite! It is so flavorful! It is packed with onions, and tastes just like a hand made patty that took you time chopping up the onions and mixing it with the meat…this is so much easier!
  5. Jalapeno Bubba Burger:
  6. Texas Shaped Bubba Burger:
  7. All Natural Premium Beef Bubba Burger:
  8. Gourmet Bites Bubba Burgers: These are little slider burgers that are 3 oz and perfect for party appetizers!

As you can see you have many options, and a flavor to fit most people’s needs. These burgers can be found in your local grocer’s freezer aisle.

So did I make your mouth water yet? Go on…fire up the BBQ and serve some Bubba Burgers this weekend! Your family and any guests you may have will certainly be asking how you prepare your burgers!