I am extremely pro breastfeeding, and REALLY, REALLY REALLY (did I say REALLY?) want it to work out for me and my son. I have heard about how hard it is, and am fully aware that it doesn’t work for some, but I plan to do my darndest to make this work for me. I have a great support system, and I am just hoping that my body and baby will cooperate. That being said, I have been thinking ahead about what breast pump would work for me. I don’t want to use it right away, but if I am to be realistic I know that I will need one in order to keep it up as long as possible. So that leaves me with the question of which pump do I get?

As with everything else when it comes to babies there are a ton of options out there. With some research I found one name that always stood out. Medela! I went to two breastfeeding glasses and both classes said not to bother with anything other than the Medela Pump in Style ($279.99), or the Free style ($379.99) You would think that would make the decision easier, but with those hefty price tags, I think it’s worth a second thought. I did register for the Pump In Style but did not receive it at my shower. If I had, this decision would be non existent! So the question is, if I am paying for one myself is getting an expensive pump worth it?

Another thought? I was given a recommendation to check out the site Away Baby Essentials . The site looks great! They don’t publish their pump prices, but they will send you their price list if you e mail them. I can tell you that I can get the Free Style for about the same cost of the Pump In Style at the chain stores. Do I do it? My mom brought up a good point. Is it over kill? Her analogy? A really great and expensive microwave that does this, that and the other thing, but you only use it to heat up water. Why this analogy? Well I work from home and will most likely always be pumping from home. So do I need all the bells and whistles?

I contacted my insurance…no go! They don’t cover a dime! Some people said to rent from the hospital to see if I like it or even if breastfeeding will work. But I heard that it’s about $60, and that sounds steep should I actually end up liking it (which I hope I do). Then I’m out $60 and still have to buy the pump! Some people will tell me that I don’t need it now, that I should just wait and see. But I really don’t want to do that, because I heard from the lactation consultant that should I need to supplement with formula because I am not producing milk (which I hope is not the case) that I still would pump to stimulate and bring in the milk. So I would want it at the time of delivery for that reason….

I know I am opening myself up to a lot of different opinions by putting this question out there, but I am hoping it’s worth it! It may just make me more confused, but we’ll see!

What is your breast pump experiences??