We met with some friends for lunch, and on the way out I pulled an old grocery list from my pocket. The Captain looks at me and says “Is that a grocery list?”, in which I reply it is. He then proceeds to tell me and our friends that he feels that I am always at the store, and therefore am “inefficient” in my shopping. I then remind him I go to the store about 1 time a week, and don’t find myself inefficient at all. But as I said it I realized that I really should let The Captain do more around the house, since he seems to have better ways of doing things…because of course….Captain Awesome can do it better!

The Captain may work all day, run the finances, and do the technical stuff in the house. You know the man jobs…but that pretty much leaves me with everything else. I cook, I clean, do the laundry, grocery shop, dry cleaning and even buy his clothes. As a matter of fact, in the 10 years that we have been together Captain Awesome has not cooked me ONE DINNER. But does that stop him from standing over a pot telling me how to cook or stir the dinner? Nope!

What is it about a man who always thinks that although things miraculously get done around the house…things like dirty towels always magically hung up, and dirty socks left in the couch put away….that they could still do it better? And to say this to their pregnant hormonal wife? As I write this I am thinking that maybe I should just let him take charge. My “inefficient” ways just don’t seem to be working any more I guess…

Like I said…I guess Captain Awesome can just do it better.