They say it takes a village right? Well my village help began with my mom who offered to stay to help me for the first two weeks. She did the same when my son was born. I found it helpful then, and knew I would find it even more helpful now that my son needed attention while I had to focus time on my girl. Let me tell you…having the live in help was amazing! Know what else was amazing? My beautiful little girl. The sweet disposition that she had during the first few days continued. I’m not going to lie. I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop because I wasn’t sure I could get so lucky…but so far so good!

I remember not hating the newborn stage with my son. It was exhausting and hard, but I didn’t mind it. I feel the same way this time around. She is doing as good as you could ask of a newborn. She eats every 2 1/2-3 hours which doesn’t leave me much time in between, but such is life as a breastfeeding mom. Once my milk came in on my second day home things got so much easier in that department. She sleeps, and when she wakes she wants to eat and then back to sleep. If she is awake she is pleasant. Not a peep, and she loves to snuggle.

My son is doing AMAZING!! He has far exceeded my expectations in the big brother department. I was worried that once she got home and the novelty wore off that he would be over it and want life back to the way it was but that is far from the case. He wants her everywhere he is. He wants to include her in book reading time and when he takes a bath. He wants to kiss her head every chance he gets. Maybe even too much. I try not to keep him away from his sister, but there are times when he wakes her with a kiss. I think it’s sweet so I don’t mind. The last thing I want to do is make his scared to be near her. I also was worried that he would struggle with the fact that I couldn’t go places with him right now, but for the first two weeks he has had to much entertainment from others that I am chopped liver. That’s OK. I am just happy he is adjusting. (OK…its hard a little to watch him be OK with leaving me behind after years of needing me with him, but such is growing up right?)

For the past 2 weeks I have had a live in nanny, maid, and chef. My mom said it best when she helped me with the little man. She said “I will take care of my baby while you take care of yours”. She is a machine. Laundry was done, house was clean and meals were cooked. On top of that she organized closets and cupboards and best of all made sure my son got to where he needed to be. By the end of two weeks I was so sad to see her go. Funny thing was that one day I got the two kids dressed and breakfast on the table. I thought to myself “I got this two kid thing!” Then I looked around and realized that I didn’t have to do any of the “real life” things yet. Only time will tell how that all will go.

Thus far my son has woken my mom up in the morning when he wakes up at 6:45 giving me some extra time to sleep. I think one of my biggest fears moving forward is being so exhausted. With not much sleep at night, and being up for the day at 6:45 I worry my patience will be low and I will be crabby. Not a good combination when dealing with an almost 4 year old. The good thing is that he is a busy boy and I know he will be occupied while at school and his other activities (which my mother in law will be bring him to for the next 3 weeks).

Real mom of two life hasn’t truly started yet. So far I am getting the hang of taking care of my daughter while including my son. I am learning that his needs have to come first sometimes and she will need to wait. I am just thankful that for these first 2 weeks I have gotten some great one on one time with my little girl just getting to know eachother. I am so thankful for that. She deserves it, and so do I.