We all know my son is a busy little boy. Most of the time he won’t sit still and will play as long as you will let  him. But every day before naps and during feedings I get to sit in my glider and just hold him. He lays very still and just gazes up at me, and most days it is my favorite part of the day. It is my time to just sit and rock my son, and I feel blesses that he still lets me do it.

I probably am setting myself up for future problems, but I do rock my son to almost sleep for both naps and bed time. He is so active that it really helps to settle him down. Plus, I truly enjoy this down time with him. Sometimes, he just lays there looking at me and talking. Sometimes it’s more like singing. It’s so very sweet.

I currently am nursing 4 times a day, and for each of those feedings I bring my little man up to his room to the rocker. Here, we have less distractions, and we both have a calm spot to enjoy the feeding. After our morning feeding we spend a precious 15 minutes in that chair playing games like “peek a boo” and “so big”. Well, maybe it’s more like me playing and him laughing at me, but you get the idea.

I feel so lucky to have this time with my son every day. I feel that most of the day we are on the go, and it’s always nice to have a few minutes a day of snuggle time. Even if I am setting myself up for future going to bed problems, I have to think it’s worth it. It’s only so long that he’ll let me cuddle with him…I might as well cherish it!