I am well aware that every family is different, and that maybe “parent” isn’t the correct word to use in the title of this post, but that doesn’t change the question. Who the heck is in charge of raising Max and Ruby? I breathed a sigh of relief once when I saw that there was a Grandma in the picture, but then I became aware that she only comes over to visit. So who takes care of them?

I am beginning to think that Ruby is in charge, but personally I don’t think a girl who’s a bunny scout should be in charge. I kind of feel bad that she is always responsible for Max. He seems to put a damper on many of her activities. Poor little bunny!

Like I said before. Their Grandma gets involved, but I don’t see her living with them. Ruby gives baths, and brings Max to carnivals….doesn’t seem appropriate to me!

Yes, I am well aware of how pathetic it is that I am writing a post about Max and Ruby, but whatever…such is my life these days! Lots of Nick Jr!!

So what do you think? Am I missing something?