Last night I was sitting outside on a friends deck, and realized how wonderful it was that it was still light out well into the evening. Just that fact alone made me smile. I am so happy and so excited for the longer days of spring and summer. It’s amazing how much more alive I feel when it’s not dark at 4:00 in the afternoon!

Does anyone really know why we have to have daylight savings time anyway? Do we have to have shorter days in the winter just so we can have longer days in the summer? Is that how it works? What would happen if we just let time be, and work itself out? Am I wrong?

I can’t decide yet if I would trade in an hour in the summer just so it could stay lighter longer in the winter. I mean, I doubt I would be going out anyway in the cold. Plus, I love those evenings in the summer when I get to just sit outside and enjoy the daylight till at least 7:00.

So what do you think? Do we like daylight savings time?? Does the longer hours in the summer make up for the dreary shorter days in the winter?