I am so mad right now…livid would be a better word. As you know I leased a new car recently. If you did not know that you can read more about it HERE. And as you know I was very happy with the situation. We went back to the same dealer, and same salesman that I got my previous car from because we liked how they ran their business. I was comfortable with them, and that made all the difference. That is until I found out that the leasing company charged my account for the month of Aril, and that after all is said and done I still owe the leasing company $450 for a disposition fee that I never knew about! Seriously?? Come on! Like I really need this in my life right now!

When The Captain and I sat down with the salesman at Legend Nissan we made it VERY clear that we only wanted to pay X amount of dollars out of pocket. We still had 3 months left on our lease, so we were in no rush. Therefore we felt the ball was in our court. The trick to getting a car is being able to walk away. Knowing that trick worked for us the last time, so we were happy when we thought it worked for us this time. The Nissan Dealer told us that Nissan is running a program where they forgive the last payments. That sounded wonderful. So we decided to move forward. They got us the monthly payment we wanted, as well as the deal with the money down we wanted. I should’ve been worried when I went in to give my deposit and asked if the down money included the first months payment…my dealer said no…So I reminded him that it has to include it or I walk. Same happened when I noticed that they had “Plus DMV fees”. I then again reminded him that we were only going to pay X and it had to cover it all. In the end he agreed. Hands were shaken, papers were signed, and the new car was driven off the lot…

When I confronted the salesman at Legend Nissan about the bad business decision he made by tricking us into having to pay the disposition fee he at first tried to remind me we signed a contract. It wasn’t this contract I was supposed to remember. It was the contract we signed in 2007. He started talking about different leasing companies and blah blah blah and I said I don’t care about different leasing companies. In my eyes I bought my car from you. I have no idea what you did in the back end to make the deal work? I reminded him I did not have to pay a disposition fee when I turned my last Altima before the 2007 one. Why? Because it was all worked into the deal. And I assumed it would be this time. But that’s what I get for assuming! And that’s pretty much what he said. I was so angry. I told him I was in sales too, and if I treated my customers this way I would not have any customers because deceiving them isn’t the best way to do business. I think he began to feel bad because he then said he’s speak to his manager on our behalf…thanks for nothing!

In the end I am left extremely frustrated. We trusted  our car salesman too much, and hoped that he would tell us everything. And amazingly enough we didn’t think we needed to bring out our contract that was signed in 2007.  Even the dealership bank manager failed to tell us this! The Captain and I are hoping that they will see us as returning customers, and that being worth more than a few hundred dollars. We’ll see what happens. For now I am mad! I was so proud of the deal we got…I guess now it’s not as good of a deal. booooo!