I have never been shy in admitting my love for TV. I’m not necessarily proud of it, but that is how I relax at the end of the night. With our son it has been a wee bit harder to keep up on my favorite shows due to lack of “sitting on my butt” time, but don’t you worry…I still get them in! But every couple of years my poor little heart gets broken when one of my favorite shows comes to an end. I guess I should be embarrassed to admit it, but I feel like I get invested in the characters lives…and then it’s over!?

The series finale of Entourage left me thinking about many of the other series that I grew to love. There are few ways that a series ends. One…it ends like life is going to continue for those characters as usual. In other words there really is no end. Some shows tie things up rather nicely, and others leave you wanting more. I am not sure which way I like the best. If they go with the “life goes on” approach like on Brother’s and Sisters, although I am satisfied knowing the characters are happy, I feel a bit sad that I don’t get to find out what happens next. When shows tie things up, like in Lost, I am happy to finally get a conclusion, but sometimes I am not very happy with the conclusion and am left frustrated. The wanting more approach is my least favorite. This is how they ended Entourage. I get that they plan on making a movie, but still. Come on people! How can you call that a series finale????

When I think about my LEAST favorite series finale, I have to think straight to Will and Grace. I was so mad at that one! How can you take a show, that is entirely about the long running friendship of two people, and end it with them growing apart and not being friends. WHAT!? That is not what happens to Will and Grace. So in my version, Will and Grace remain friends forever! Take that show writers!

My favorite series finale has to be Friends. That series remained funny through out, and I thought that they did a good job rounding up all the loose ends and leaving you satisfied that the characters would be ok. I was sad that the characters were moving on, but I guess it was time…lol….so I was ok….

What are some of your favorite and least favorite series finales. Do you get as invested as I do? Probably not, but that’s ok…..

Ok…random thought over…