I am learning extremely quickly that buying children’s clothing is more of an art than anything else. It’s not as easy as one would think…no sir! As a matter of fact it frustrates me regularly. Why does it have to be that way? How do I know months in advance what I will need, or what size my son will be wearing? They say double his age, but that’s not always the case. At least not right now, and each brand fits differently!  Not to mention that I hate paying full price for anything, but it seems like when it comes to many children’s items I have to, or they sell out of what I need and the sizes I want! What the heck?

Let’s start with sweat pants….My son has now grown out of his current size, and no longer fits into his sweat pants. So I decided to go buy him more, because it does get chilly sometimes during summer nights. Could I find sweat pants anywhere?? No! I checked children’s place, osh kosh and carters. Only shorts. There weren’t even sweat pants on the clearance rack. When I asked I was told “No, only summer clothes are out, but don’t worry the fall clothes will be out soon…” Fall clothes soon?? It isn’t even summer! Luckily I had a friend nice enough to let me borrow some, and I sent my mom and Mother in law on a mission. So good news? We have sweat pants!

Bathing suits? Luckily I have a mommy friend who warned me to buy what I wanted early…or else! Luckily I did because swim suits are already on sale and sizes can be hard to find. What frustrates me though is that I have no idea how many swim suits I will need. We live by the beach, and we have a community pool, so do I need a lot? If I don’t buy them now, but find in July I need more I won’t be able to find any. Such the dilemma. How can they sell out of swim suits before we are given the chance to even go in a pool?

I want to buy my kids clothes for the season we are currently in. I don’t want to buy summer clothes in February, and winter clothes in July. It’s not like adult clothes…kids grow too fast, and their needs change quickly. I find it very frustrating…

Ok…vent over….