Why is it that men can rock a gut and feel sexy and women are always left feeling fat? Women do everything in their power to better their physical appearance daily. Whether it’s a push up bra, dying their hair, getting waxed, wearing high heels, or wearing body shapers, most of the time the things we do aren’t pleasant. Nevertheless we do it, and we do it with a smile.

Have you ever experienced a Brazilian wax? Well I have and if you take any advice I give take this….Don’t do it! Whoever started this trend was a horrible human being. Why do women subject themselves to this? Because it’s sexy? Maybe…but no matter how sexy your man may tell you it is, I promise you it’s not worth the pain.

How about the poor women who wore corsets back in the day? They pulled those things so tight they could barely breath…why did they do this?? So their waist would appear smaller! Fast forward to modern day and us women wear body shapers. I admit that I like to wear them under dresses and stuff. They really do slim you down. But why don’t men have to wear anything to hold themselves in? Maybe their bodies could benefit from a “shaper” of some sort.

Do you know that it takes me 3 hours to get my hair highlighted and cut? (yes I am admitting that I “help” my hair a bit by highlighting). That is a really long time! And why? To feel prettier? Yes! That is the only reason. The good news I do it for me, and for no one else. But I still look at it as a pain in the butt.

High heels are another painful invention. Do my legs look ten times better when I wear them? Sure! But why do my feet have to suffer? Why is it OK to squeeze our feet into pointy toed shoes? Why do we rock 10 inch heels (ok I’m exaggerating)?  I don’t know about you, but I can’t wear them. Sometimes I see women walking all tall and confident in them and think…”wow…I wish I could wear those shoes”. But then I have to wonder if they are feeling excruciating pain with every step like I feel when I wear them. Maybe they are just better actresses than I am!

What do you think? Why have women always been the ones to sacrifice their time, and money and feel the pain to be beautiful. Do you think men appreciate all we do??