I think its called karma..when I was little my mom used to make a "quick” stop in the grocery store saying she was going in for one thing only to return with multiple bags. It quickly became a joke in our house. Going in for “Milk” became like code! Fast forward many years, and I find myself doing EXACTLY the same thing!! **Gasp!** It’s true! Gone are the day of running to the store to grab one needed item. I now go in for one….and leave with many….

For example. The other day I needed some deli turkey for my little boy. That’s it…just deli turkey. Or so I thought! I walk into the store and all of a sudden my head starts to spin….ooo I could use fruit…ooo! definitely need baby food…Yikes! we might need coffee…and on and on till my basket it full. Yes I said basket…I went in for 1 thing remember!? Who needs a cart when you are getting one thing? That also means that I either have the baby in his stroller on in his ergo carrier. No very conducive for a major shopping trip.

The most frustrating thing of all is that almost every time I get home I find things that I really did need. Then it’s back to the store for that ONE thing….hahaha Ya right! Such a vicious cycle!