For the past couple of months I have been learning a lot about what I like, and what I don’t like when it comes to my son’s clothes. I am far from a clothes snob, but I am pretty amazed at how impractical so many of the clothes really are? So many items I look for don’t seem to exist….am I really the only one that could be shopping for them?? Is it possible?

Sweatshirts for example. Why are there no crew neck sweatshirts of newborns?? Why must all of them have a hood? Yes, sometimes I throw it up in place of a hat, but usually it just bunches around the poor guys neck in his infant carrier. A crew neck just makes sense! I just can’t seem to find one anywhere. Oh wait, yes I have…I saw a great sweat suit at Denny’s, a ridiculously overpriced children’s store. This particular sweatsuit (although extremely soft) was $77!! In the spirit of full disclosure it was on sale for 40%, but even that is way too much for a sweatsuit that will get crapped on. To be honest though…I am almost ready to go buy it just so I can have just one NORMAL sweatshirt. But then I’d just be spiting myself..

Let’s talk oxford type shirts. They are all over the place this Easter, but why the heck aren’t they onesie’s? A onesie just makes sense when it comes to little boys. First of all, a regular one won’t stay tucked in, and tucked out it just looks messy. Why aren’t more shirts for babies onesie’s??? Again…they just make sense.

What does a girl have to do to find a spring jacket for her little one? Toddler jackets?? Sure…but baby’s need jackets too. Once the weather gets more mild I will be able to take off the cover from the infant seat. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need a coat! Yes, they exist…I’ve seen a jean jacket at the Gap (didn’t have the right size), and one at The Children’s place (which I didn’t buy yet), but there aren’t many. Why??

What’s up with all the Carter’s shirts have zippers that go way too high up the neck? All it does is dig into his face. So much so that I am left to just keep it mostly unzipped. Cute? Yes! Practical? No!

So I will ask again….am I the only one who feels this way? I must be, or the things I am looking for would be more available.


Ok…random thought over…