When thinking about decorations for my nursery, I got very excited when I came across this beautiful vinyl tree by artwallproject on Etsy. If you aren’t familiar with Etsy then I definitely recommend you take a look…but beware…it becomes addicting! I thought this tree would be perfect for the room because the color would match my furniture, and I had a nice big wall to put it on!

The tree arrives in a big roll and needed to be cut into 8 pieces. To be honest, it was a larger project then I thought it would be. I got The Captain started on it when we had plans in the afternoon with out knowing what it entails. So keep that in mind if you choose to buy one. But let me tell you the work was worth the finished product. (Well at least The Captain’s work!) The tree is 90″ high and 72″ wide. We decided to put it on the center of our wall to be safe, but after it was up we realized this tree would even look great in a corner.

The leaves were the hardest thing to get down smoothly. Once you cut the tree into pieces you then rub the tree down so it is nice and secure on the transfer paper. You then peel it off the paper and stick it to the wall. Once on the wall you use this tool that comes with the tree to rub the tree securely onto the wall. You then tear away the clear plastic on top. This all sounds easier said than done. You really have to press the vinyl down onto the wall, or it won’t come off the plastic.

Once The Captain got the hang of it, things went much smoother. He did a really wonderful job and the tree really looks amazing in the room. Like I said above, it’s definitely worth it! I promise to show pictures of the tree in the actual nursery later. Right now, it’s kind of covered and I can’t get a good shot. So till then, take my word for it. The tree from artwallproject is a perfect addition to any nursery.

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Artwallproject provided me with a vinyl tree for the purposes of this review. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.