I’m sorry for the crappy pictures of the nursery, but right now it’s a bit of a disaster! (Filled with a bed that isn’t going to stay there, and tons of shower gifts!) I did want to give you a sneak peak of our baby furniture, and do a bit of a review of them since you all know about how hard it was for me to actually make a nursery furniture decision. So here is a quick glimpse! I promise when it’s all done I will show EVERYTHING!

The set we chose was the Creations April Collection, and we bought it from Behr’s Furniture. I was extremely happy with Behr’s. They delivered when they said which is great. My only complaint is that my glider had to be delivered separately from the rest of the furniture. Not really a huge deal, but more of a pain since I had to sit home a second day to wait for the glider. I guess I could’ve waited till it was all in stock, but I really wanted the furniture BEFORE my shower. I knew people would come by after and I wanted it all set up. So I guess my complaint really could’ve been prevented. I should be happy they accommodated and delivered it separately with no extra charge!

I was aesthetically very happy with the Creations baby furniture, but was a little disappointed with some of the construction of it. The furniture cost a pretty penny, and it seemed that the top drawers in both the night stand and the dresser were extremely hard to open and close.  I mean you really had to fight with it. Also, there was a bit of a nick, or a smudge on the rail of the crib. I know the crib will nick, but I figured it should at least be perfect BEFORE the little guy arrives.  So I called Behr’s and was told the delivery men would take a look when the glider came. Which they did. They tried to tell me the drawer problem was because it was wood on wood and would get better over time. I reminded them that the rest of the drawers are better. So they are ordering more drawers (I think). As for the smudge/nick they said they would order a replacement rail. I guess I’ll be home another day waiting for that. I really think Creations should have better construction of their drawers. I guess things aren’t made like they used to be!

It sounds like I am unhappy with it, but I promise I am not. Everything is great! It will be a perfect set for our little Pooh Bear. Even one he can hopefully grow with.  I can’t wait to see the room all finished and ready for his arrival! I better get on that…yikes!