One event I was really looking forward to throughout the entire pregnancy was my baby shower, and I am lucky to report that I am having two of them! That’s right…TWO! One is being held in Pennsylvania and thrown by my mom, and this past weekend was my New York shower generously thrown by my Mother In Law. I can’t believe I actually had my first shower! It seemed so far away 8 months ago, and now it has come and gone. One down, one more to go!

Everyone was EXTREMELY generous. I got so much stuff that I think The Captain and I may have to move just to accommodate all the baby stuff! Where will it all go? It’s almost been a week and my house is still a disaster. I guess it just takes time to figure out where it will all go. I wish that “nesting” instinct that people talk about would start. Then I could really get into organizing mode.

My Mother in Law got us our Bassinet and filled it with tons of items.

She even made a diaper cake! She is very crafty with crocheting, so our little man will never be without a blanket. One of my favorites was the blanket she has made out of her wedding dress.

The woman who designs the Rosebud Johnnies bags took the dress and made 3 blankets (one for each of her boys, and I highly recommend you check the bags out. She’s very talented) We plan on using this blanket for our son’s Christening. It will be very special.

For the theme she went with Pooh Bear (for obvious reasons!) How cute is this cake? It was created by a family friend and her company is called Paticakes. I recommend you “like” her on facebook here! Not only did the cake and cupcakes look beautiful, but they tasted amazing! I’m not always a lover of bakery cakes, but these were so nice and moist! She did a wonderful job!

The day was just wonderful and I am truly blessed to have so many people in my life who love me, The Captain and our future son. He has a lot of people getting excited to meet him! He also has a lot of new things that will make his arrival that much easier. Thank you so much to everyone who was there, and thank you to my Mother In Law for throwing me such a great shower. I am one lucky girl!

Next weekend….my SECOND shower! I love all this celebrating!!