As you may or may not know I am originally from Pennsylvania. That is where my family is, and many times if you ask me where I live I will say I live in NY, but clarify that I’m FROM Pennsylvania. That is why it just made sense to have two baby showers. One in New York which was thrown by my Mother in Law, and the other one in PA thrown by my mom. The PA one was held this past weekend, and my mom and sister did an AMAZING job of putting it together.

I feel extremely lucky to have so many women come out to celebrate our soon to arrive family addition. These women have watched me grow up, and have been there to celebrate many of my milestones including high school graduation, college graduation, my wedding and now the birth of our son. Not only are they my parents friends, but they are also mine.

We went with sort of a “nesting” theme for this shower. The favors were little blue soap eggs in a birds nest. There were blue Jordan almonds on the table (like little eggs), and the books people brought were put into a bird cage! The only activity on the agenda (thank goodness) was onesie decorating. Each person got a onesie and were asked to decorate it in some way. They did a really great job!

Now, when our little man wears these under his clothes I will always have a memory of the person who made it! Some people can be very creative.

One of my favorite things at the shower was the banner that showed my belly pictures starting at week 10…I don’t have a picture that does it justice, but my sister took all my belly pictures that I have posted on my Letter to Pooh Bear posts and lined them all up. It’s crazy how big I felt at that time, and now look at me! She’s so creative. I feel bad that when it’s her turn I won’t be able to return the favor.

It’s crazy to think that this shower was my last shower EVER! No more bridal showers, and no more baby showers. It’s kind of a weird milestone to accept. It can now fall into the “Been there, done that” category. Now, I get to sort through everything and decide what I still need before little Pooh Bear arrives.Although, I think we are pretty much set!

My mom threw me a beautiful shower, and I am extremely thankful. As always I consider myself one lucky girl!