At our lamaze class we got instructions of what to do during different stages of labor. There were separate sections for the mom, and one for the “coach” or in our case dad (aka Captain Awesome). His job is to do things like “encourage” and “make eye contact”…you know the real hard stuff of labor. But when I thought more about it I realized how much The Captain does/has done through out this pregnancy to make me more comfortable, and about how lucky I am that I have him to go through this amazing time with. That is why I am giving him an award for #1 Soon To Be Dad!!!

I have been very lucky throughout this pregnancy, and haven’t had TOO many crazy cravings. But when there is something I want he is always willing to run out and get it for me. Whether it’s the ball park soft pretzel , donuts, Friendly’s Ice cream, or a Greek Gyro, Captain Awesome always was/is willing, without complaint to fulfill my craving. As you may know…this is a very big soon to be dad job.

Most men attend the big Doctors appointments, but The Captain has been to ALL of ours. I wouldn’t have been mad if he missed some, but he was there with me through them all. He’s sat way too long in the waiting room, and listened to all the gory pregnancy details. Unfortunately, being there has also allowed him to hear my crazy questions to the doctor, but I’ll take it to have him by my side. It’s his baby too and I’m so happy he’s gotten to experience that part of it.

Let’s talk shopping and other fun pregnancy activities. Captain Awesome went with me to register (OK, not fully register but I got him to do the big things). He picked out our crib, and since the showers, he’s sat very patiently while I showed him EVERYTHING that we got. He even get’s excited about the little man clothes! (or at least pretends to be). The moment that I really realized how great he’s been was when I went to get my maternity pictures done (post on that to follow). I wanted him to come so that he could be in some. We went to a park, and other than a few shots the poor guy carried our little Tinkerbell as well as a duffel bag of clothes that I had brought. He really was such a good sport.

I know I don’t always remember to say thank you as much as I should, and I know that this big change isn’t just happening to me. So I am very lucky to have a man in my life like Captain Awesome. I always knew what a great partner he was, but every day I am reminded. He’s going to be the best dad, and I know this because he is a wonderful husband. I certainly am one lucky girl!