Preschool classroom cubbies with coats and backpacks.

Spoiler Alert! I am so sad that my son starts Kindergarten in the fall…..but what I’m not sad about is the special time that I am going to get to spend with my daughter. Since my daughter was born our days have been centered around getting Christian to and from where he needed to be. Whether it’s to or from school, watching his soccer games, watching his playdates (or participating), and pretty much everything he was doing. Of course we had a ton of time to ourselves, but the day is always broken up. But not anymore. Now my son is going to school full day, and that leaves all the time in the world for me and my baby girl. The question is what to do with that time? One thing I do know is that I am not emotionally ready in September to put my son in Kindergarten and my daughter in pre school. I am looking forward to this time where it’s “just us”, and I am not just yet ready to give that up….so no….my daughter is not going to preschool this September.

I think the 2’s program in a preschool has to be semi new. Granted I did put my son in the 2’s program but he was almost three when he started which gave me a whole extra year having him at home with me. The school my son went to for 3 years shut down, so it really made my decision easy. I loved the teacher who taught the 2’s, and I know she would’ve done great with Tessa. Dropping off Christian every day allowed her to be comfortable in the school, and as a matter of fact she used to make herself comfortable with the toys in the very classroom she would’ve had. But that is no longer an option, and I am not sure I’m ready to made a decision of where she will go.

I am lucky to be home. I got to spend so much time with my little boy, and luckily (due to the space in age) a lot of alone time with my little girl. This will be the last year before school. I must say that I will be attempting to work a little more this year, and will be sending her to a sitter (across the street) one morning a week, but an official preschool program just doesn’t sound like a fit for us right now. I am lining up mommy and me classes and anything else that we can do together. She is a great errands partner, and it will be interesting to see where an open day takes us. It will be new!

I will reevaluate my decision come January, but I think my mind is made up. I don’t think I will socially scar her in any way by not doing the program…at least I hope not…and if I do, I am sure I have many years to make it up to her! I have a lot more screwing up to do!