my do it

I have a little almost 2 year old who thinks she’s 5 like her brother. I have a 5 year old who thinks he’s more 2 than 5. One is a boy…one is a girl. Guess which one is which!? Ok I’ll tell you. My little boy still wants me to do everything for him, and my baby girl says “my do it” all day long. The problem is that when you are not even two, you aren’t actually capable of doing everything yourself. As much as your mind wishes it could, your little body just won’t allow it, and that is our daily struggle.

When she throws her hand away when I try to help her down stairs, or rips the cup out of my hand to drink I sometimes think for a moment that I want to allow her to fall, or spill just to prove a point. But then that leaves a hurt baby or a spill on the floor. Either way I lose. So I have to try to force her to let me help. With my son wanting me to do it all for him, I am in new territory with miss independent. I sometimes want to yell “Let me mother you!”. But then I stop, and remind myself her independence is a good thing. It’s good for her to learn how to put on her shoes even if most of the time she fails when trying. Let her learn!

I baby my son…I can admit that. He has always wanted, and needed help. I like it. But sometimes that causes him a disservice. Sometimes I think it’s fine because soon enough he won’t need my help like he does today. I need my baby girl to slow down. Is that selfish too? I feel like she is the one who has always seemed big. An old soul maybe? Even when she was little. I feel like she has been wanting to feed her self, walk herself, and do things herself since she’s been born. Maybe its the nature of the second child, maybe it’s because she’s a girl, or maybe it’s because it’s just her personality. Who knows!

What I do know is that I am learning to “go along” with the independence that she needs. I’m learning that even though she wants to do it alone that she needs me close by. I am learning that her confidence stems from knowing that I am close if she falls. By letting her “do” I can also show her that I’m there, close by when she needs me. Of course I will try to baby her as long as she will let me…if that’s till she’s 30 then so be it.

For now I will do my best to be by her side and let her try. My little “My do it” baby girl will only continue to become more independent. It’s actually fun to watch her try and to learn to do new things. What’s not fun is when those things seem too dangerous in my eyes. Sometimes she surprises me though and accomplishes tasks I never thought she could. That’s parenting I guess….each day is new, and each day is a surprise.