Well, another Mother’s Day has come and gone….a day where I have an excuse to ask for whatever I want, and a day that I feel comfortable making Captain Awesome pick up all the slack. This year I decided to do something a little different and secretly ( wasn’t secret at all because I know he reads my blog) made a list of what I wanted my day to be like. I got a little flack because I didn’t give him much notice, but whatever, I have to keep him on his toes!

  1. The day was all about me! I was made to feel special the entire day and I Loved it! 
  2. Sleep: Woo hoo it was glorious! Kid didn’t cooperate and sleep in, but The Captain kept him very quiet and took him out of the house early to have breakfast with his mom. Me? I stayed in bed till almost 9! What’s better than that?
  3. Craft: Can you believe I actually got my Mother’s Day craft? Captain Awesome secretly worked on a great plate with my little man that I will love and cherish forever. As a matter of fact it already has a place in my china cabinet.
  4. Gifts: I got exactly what I wanted! I did in fact tell him exactly what I wanted, but he listened. And I got it! (don’t worry it wasn’t anything fancy or extravagant, but I needed it).
  5. Coffee: Oh boy did I get my coffee in peace! I woke up to a quiet house (which I didn’t know what to do with). I did not feel inclined to do any cleaning (which is a first). I wore my new silky nightgown and robe my mother in law got me (pretty fancy), and I sipped my coffee. Better yet? I did while NOT watching Dora or Diego!
  6. Hugs and kisses: I took my fair share from my son. I do that every day! Captain Awesome made me feel special. He isn’t the huggiest and kissiest guy in the world…but he made me feel appreciated.
  7. Special Treats throughout the day: Done! A bagel here (my favorite)…a mother’s day cookie there (yummy)….an iced coffee pick me up! Those are my kind of special treats!
  8. Wine: The original plan on the wine fell through. We headed up to eastern Long Island by the vineyards. We had a great drive and chose to hit up a family festival at a farm first. We didn’t anticipate it taking 2 hours. We had a blast! We then attempted to go to a vineyard so I could get my wine, but the little guy was so pooped. So pooped he said he wanted to go “night night in the car”. Now that’s tired! But that’s OK. We stopped so I could buy wine at my favorite vineyard, and I got my wine at the end of the night.
  9. Clean House: This it he one out of 10 he failed on. I was responsible for any clean up during the day. I stood my ground and refused to empty the dishwasher. That can wait. I will say that Captain Awesome was out getting us take out after I got the little man to bed so I cleaned I give him some reprieve on this fail. When I told him he failed on this one he told me he is “just one man” (ya he really said that). Then saved himself by saying “I’m not a woman”. Well played…well played.
  10. Bedtime: It was everything I wanted. The Captain gave a bath…and I got to snuggle and read books before bed. It was perfect.

So nine out of ten ain’t bad right? Not in my book! Here is to a fantastic Mother’s Day! I hope yours was everything you wanted!