If you have been keeping up with my blog you would know that for the past couple of weeks I have taking off my mommy hat (but do you ever take off your mommy hat?), and switching it for my “working hat” one morning a week. To put it simply, now have one morning a week to myself. I was nervous and scared to leave my son with someone else…Let me rephrase that. It has nothing to do with the woman I was leaving him with…I was saddened by the fact that one morning a week would go by and I wouldn’t know everything that he had done. For me that was tough. But I did it…I left him and if we are being honest he LOVES it…and if we are being even more honest…so do I!

I think the fact that my son looks forward to these mornings really helps. His best friend is there, and the woman who watches him is amazing. There are no tears and once I tell him where he is going he rushes to the door excited. It’s bittersweet, but great.

My husband drives him which is great for me. I am alone in the house starting at 8 am. That allows me one morning a week that I get a cup of coffee all to myself. I turn on Good Morning America, grab my computer and I get to work! One of the joys of working from home is that I do all of this in my Pj’s! (don’t tell my boss…aka dad!)

I love the freedom of those 4 hours. I am focused on dedicating them to work, but it’s nice to know that IF I need to accomplish something I can do it during those hours. I know every week at that time I am free to do what I need to get done. I can take meetings, I can try to get new customers, and I can make phone calls without worrying about my son screaming the moment I get on the phone (which he does regularly). These mornings allow me to have a glimpse at my pre mom life which I have pretty much forgotten. Did I really have all this time to myself?

In reality it’s only four 1/2 hours, and those hours fly by, but they are my four and a half hours. Today I even got to stop in at Marshalls/Home Goods to look for curtains! That task is so much easier with out my little man.

Even better than all that? I look forward to seeing him when I pick him up. I love that he wants to tell me about his morning (in his own way of course). I love to see him learn new things, and learn to play with other kids, and I love to have someone else discipline him. He needs all that. So for one morning a week we get a little break from each other. It’s pretty great….