All over the internet I have been seeing these Mother’s Day “wish lists” that stated EXACTLY what they wanted for Mother’s Day. I agreed with some from this post and some from that post, but there was never a complete…YES! That is my list….type moment. So since I run this blog, and can write whatever I wanted, I decided to write a list of my own. Not as easy as you’d think because so many of my wants contradict themselves, and then some wish’s are like “Ya right Jen!”, and “no you can’t have your own personal beauty team come to your house”. So I had to get more realistic…here goes…

My Mother’s Day Wish List

  1. I want the day to be all about ME! I love you mom more than you could ever know…but I am going to Milk this day as much as I can so I am sorry that we don’t get to spend it together.
  2. Sleep! Can I put in a request that the kid sleeps till at least 8? Because we all know that no matter what happens, when he gets up I will hear him, and even if The Captain gets him (which he will) I will hear the two of them downstairs. Therefore, even if I am content in bed I will not in fact be SLEEPING. BUT…if the kid sleeps in then we all win! How do I make that happen?
  3. I want a Mother’s Day Craft. I am not sure how to do this, but if Captain Awesome is reading this I hope he can somehow make it happen. I am with the kid all the time so it’s not fun for ME to make the craft. I want a secret surprise craft that can go up on my refrigerator and forever and always I can keep this craft as my FIRST REAL MOTHER’S DAY CRAFT!
  4. Gifts: I told Captain Awesome what I wanted for Mother’s Day and it isn’t anything fancy. I am always torn with gifts because I know things I want but hate to have to ask for them…this time I figured asking was the way to go…but a Surprise is also fun! Hint Hint!
  5. Coffee: I want my morning coffee in peace, and I want to drink it NOT watching Dora, Diego, or any show that appears on Nick Jr, Disney Jr, or PBS…maybe I need to be more specific and state that list also includes any movie that can be played in the DVR.
  6. Hugs and Kisses: I want a TON of hugs and kisses from both my men, and I want them both to proclaim all day how truly wonderful and irreplaceable I am. My son can’t really talk all too much, so that leaves the job to Captain Awesome. My son is great at giving the hugs, so the rest will be up to The Captain.
  7. How about some special little treats through out the day? Little mini surprises? So when I least expect it some special just for me appears
  8. WINE! The day must include wine in some way. The Captain and I have discussed a trip out to the vineyards for the day with the little man so that would cover it. I am hoping the weather cooperates so we can go with this plan. If not…have wine on hand…
  9. I want the house to be clean at the end of the day and I don’t want to do it. I am so tired of resetting the house at the end of the day. It drives me nuts but I do it. On Mother’s Day I don’t’ want to do it…but that doesn’t mean I want to stare at a mess all night. Maybe Daddy and Christian could do a little “clean up, clean up” together?
  10. I want the kids bedtime to be a joint effort. I want daddy to give bath, and I want to watch. I love to watch them play. It makes me smile. I want him to get the little man’s PJ’s on and I will then get to do the easy part and cuddle with him before bed. I want him to smile at me and say “I love you mommy” like he does every night. It’s my favorite.

Bottom line? I want my family to WANT to make my day special. Not because I asked but because they want to take he day to say I’m appreciated. I jest with this wish list (kind of). I can probably bet every mom wants to be made to feel like a queen for a day….and I am no different.

Now that I think about it…I need a tiara… I need to dig up my wedding tiara for the day!

To all you mom’s out there have a FANTASTIC Mother’s Day!