Ahhh memorial day weekend. A weekend that used to consist of too much beer and partying, now was spent showing my little man tons of new things. It was a weekend spent with my little family, and I wouldn’t change that for the world. Do I miss the parties? Nah! I feel kind of “been there done that”. What I did love was the beautiful weather, the beach and my boy. Let’s hear it for the long weekend!!

The weekend began with a little mommy and daddy time at happy hour. My mother in law was nice enough to babysit, and The Captain and I took some time to relax. We met some friends who have a boat, and hit up some bars/restaurants by the water. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Long Islands main redeeming quality is the fact that it’s by the ocean. I do love the ocean!

This year we went in with my brother/sister in law and 3 other couples on a cabana at the beach. Before you get too excited, no it’s not like the ones at the Beverly Hills beach club (90210 reference). This one is more like a place to keep your stuff. I never saw the benefits of it before, but having a kid changed my mind. I can’t imagine lugging all our beach stuff to the beach each time. Now we keep all our towels, toys, chairs, and anything else we may need right at the beach. Needless to say we spent Saturday and Sunday there. What did our guy think of the beach? Kind of indifferent, but he did so well! He loved the sand and napped so well. We rolled him in his stroller right into the shaded cabana and he slept. Thus giving mommy some time to relax in the sun! (we may have to implement more naps at the beach!) I will admit though that it’s very different going to the beach with a baby. No more relaxing in a beach chair that’s for sure!

Sunday we embarked on what may become a Memorial Day tradition. We went to the Belmont Raceway, where the horse races are. It wasn’t the stakes (which isn’t a place for kids), but it was extremely fun! It is an inexpensive family day. We packed food…admission and parking was cheap…and we even got right down in front of the track. Was the kid impressed? Not so much, but someday he will be. I probably was more excited about seeing the horses run past than he was, but that’s ok. I had fun showing him all the new sites. It’s amazing how much I enjoy showing him things. It never gets old.

I prayed that we’d have nice weather this weekend, and God delivered. I really needed the sun and the sand after this horrid winter and spring we had. This mommy needed some time outside, and boy did I get that. I am officially ready for the beginning of summer. When I had our little man I knew I just had to make it till Memorial Day. It seemed like a milestone for me since I hate the winter so much. And I made it here….it’s time for summer, and I ready to enjoy all that it has to offer!