Dear Little Man,

Big changes are coming our way, and they are all amazing and good ones. I have a feeling that sometimes you won’t think that these changes are so great, but I promise you that someday you will love and be thankful for your baby sister. Soon she will be here in this world, and soon she will come into our home and disrupt the routine we have perfected over the last 3 1/2 years, but soon you won’t even remember the days when she wasn’t here. She gets to be the third musketeer of our great days together, and I couldn’t be more excited.

I have a feeling you will find this big change challenging. Why wouldn’t you? We have been one on one buddies almost every day since the day you were born. You get your mommies full attention, and I have been happy to give it to you. You have been my entire world. Soon, this little girl will be here and my attention will need to be split, but I can promise you one thing. I love you so much and I will do my best to make you feel like the helpful big brother I know you are going to be. You see, I will need your help more than ever. Being a big brother is a big job and I know you are up for it.

As each day ticks by I am doing my best to take in every squeeze and kiss from you and cherish these last days of our one on one time. I think I have taken it for granted for so long. See, it’s not just you who got me all to yourself all these years. I got you! You have made each day better. You have made me feel like the most special mommy in the world, and I am fully aware that I will never ever get these years back. The memories we have made will never be forgotten. At least by me. They probably will be forgotten by you, and only remembered through pictures, but to me they were the best. I love our cuddles, our conversations and all our mundane errands.

As my belly gets bigger and I find myself struggling to keep up with you I try to tell myself to enjoy it. The end of an era is near, and a new one is about to begin. Sounds very dramatic doesn’t it? But it’s the way I see it. I always knew I wanted to space my children apart because I felt like it was the only way I could truly enjoy the baby years and I don’t regret it. And boy have I enjoyed these years with you. I am so grateful.

As we get closer to the birth of your sister I am reminded of how different it all will be soon. I already feel the guilt of that, but I know that giving you a sibling is an amazing gift. So I promise to hug you even tighter (if that’s possible), and kiss you even more each day (if that is possible) because I know that soon you will feel like my heart is split. You may feel like I am giving you less, and although at first I might be, I promise you I am always here to be there when you need me.

Who knows when our baby girl will arrive, but until then lets make the most of these days. You are so excited to meet your little sister, and you kiss my belly and talk to her each day. Let’s hope that continues when she is out! You are so innocent and naïve and have no real clue what a life changing event is about to happen. It’s better that way. I will carry that worry for the both of us, and you just continue to be the amazing little boy that you are. So let’s laugh and play the days away, because that is what we do. Just know that I am appreciating these next few weeks even more than normal, because soon it won’t be just me and you. But that’s OK.