Not everyone likes getting their picture taken, but to me, having professional family pictures taken regularly is something that I cherish. I suck at using my camera. I even had Captain Awesome buy me one of those DSLR good ones in hopes that the problem was my camera and not me….no such luck! So when the opportunity arises to get professional pictures take of my son, myself and/or my family I jump at it! It was no different when I got the opportunity to capture my growing baby belly by the wonderful Martina of Emma Grace Photography.

Martina, who’s background is in graphic design is a mother of 3 and a school teacher. Now, as her kids are getting older she decided that it was time to take her passion for photography and hit the ground running with Emma Grace Photography. Setting yourself apart as a Long Island child and maternity photographer can be difficult, but I think she can do it. I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with a lot of photographers since my son has been born and I can tell right away when the pictures would be good, and she didn’t disappoint. One important thing? The photographer must engage and make my son feel at ease, and she did just that!

We decided to do the photo shoot at Centerport Beach. It was close to home, and since we are new here in town, I figured it would be great to create this memory there. Not to mention a beach backdrop can never really be a bad thing. I chose to go with all white and khaki as a theme at Martina’s suggestion. It felt beachy and classic. Classic is the way to go when doing professional photographers. They have a better shot at standing the test of time.

 My son was SUPER excited to model. You never know with him. He could’ve pouted and refused but he turned on the charm and hammed it up for the camera.

 Overall the experience was fun and relaxing. I find using a photographer on location sooo less stressful than in studio shots. She just snaps as you go and it’s amazing what they can capture. Emma Grace Photography is definitely worth the investment. My family (even Captain Awesome) were good sports and we got a TON of great shots. Now the only thing left to do is figure out which ones will go in the frames!