lazy monday

I always feel like I need to keep my son busy. With everything I see on the internet, TV and through other mom’s I feel like we need to keep busy all the time or my son will not “learn” or experience all he is supposed to. I am told TV is bad, and I need to stimulate his creativity through other means. I do that. I try…but some days I just don’t want to. Some days I don’t want to figure out an art project, or find an errand to get us out of the house and away from TV. I just don’t. So yesterday my son and I stayed in our PJ’s ALL DAY and did something some mommy police out there would frown upon. We sat on the couch, cuddled and watched movies and TV pretty much all day!!

My son is the best cuddle bug. The reason I have to keep him moving, active and out of the house as much as possible is because he would sit in front of the television all day. When we do have the TV on we cuddle. He loves to have a blanket, and snuggle up close on the couch. I love it.

Our life is a busy one. To some they may not agree since I don’t have to get up to get to a job, and I’m not in the daily 9-5 grind but trust me when I say we are on the move all the time. Even more so on the weekends when Captain Awesome gets the opportunity to spend time with us. We cram as much family time into those 2 days as we can. Our wallowing the weekends away days of our 20’s doesn’t exist anymore. I sometimes miss lounging in my PJ’s all day, and that is exactly what me and the little man did.

I didn’t care that he wanted to watch Toy Story over and over. I didn’t care that we played the same games over and over. Why because a day like this allowed me to snuggle the hours away with my favorite little person. I will never get this time back, and I know he won’t always want to snuggle with me. So I will take all the snuggles I can get!

A day inside with my boy was just what I needed.