back to work

I am a SAHM but also I am a work at home mom. Some may joke that I don’t work, but I have to say that I pretty proud of the multi tasking I do to keep a steady (albeit not huge) income coming into this family, as well as making my son my first and top priority. Thus far I have been able to keep most of my customers, but after two years it’s about time that I devote a little more time to them. That is why The Captain and I made the decision that I would take one morning a week to devote to work alone, which means that I can take meetings and even begin my hunt for new customers again. That means I needed someone to watch my son, and I found an amazing woman. Today was the first day of me leaving him with someone other than family. It was terrifying but necessary. I think a morning with out his mommy is good for him and me.

The woman who I chose to watch our son is a mom of a friend of ours. Her son is good friends with The Captain and has been since high school. She also watches my best friends kids so Christians best little friend would be there with him. This woman is pretty much super mom. At least I think this based on the stories my friend has told me. Homemade food, and lots and lots of activities for the kids. I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better person to watch my son. I was comfortable leaving him there.

Knowing he was safe and taken care of, and the emotional aspect of leaving him are two different things. I was dreading the day I’d drop him off. To you it’s only a couple of hours (Yes I know some of you leave your kids much longer than that and have no sympathy for me), but to me it represented him getting bigger. Today it’s only one morning a week….next it’s 2 mornings a week at preschool…and then college! Ok…I exaggerate, but it will all happen!

I think the best part of this was that Christian’s best friend was there. To him it was a play date. We got there and she had waffles and strawberries all ready for him. He was so excited to see his friend. He was so preoccupied that he didn’t even really notice me sneak out. I knew he would do great.

He even got a good report after his first day! He ate 2 great meals (which never happens for me), cleaned up his toys, took a walk to the park, and did a ton of playing! When I showed up he yelled “MOMMY!” and dragged me inside to show me what he did during the day. It was so sweet, and he was so happy to share it with me.

My morning? It was good actually…I got dunkin donuts coffee and even stopped at a second place for a bagel. Something I wouldn’t do if I was dragging him in and out of the car with me. I had my breakfast in peace, and I worked. I made phone calls with out worrying about a screaming child, and I took 2 meetings. Don’t tell, but I even squeezed in a quick run to Marshall’s do to some solo shopping! A pretty successful morning if you ask me.

So this is a good thing. I felt like I was missing a part of me all morning, but it’s for the best. And I got to miss him and squeeze him tighter the moment I picked him up. I am just thankful I have a great person to watch him. That makes all the difference.