I think the moment you decide to sell your home you then mentally check out of it. Although that home still is in fact, your home, you already begin to think about what your next home will be like. There is no point in adding anything, or decorating your current home. What’s the point? It will soon be someone else’s, and all the things that made you want to sell in the first place now become nagging problems that you see and focus on every day. That my dear readers is where I am now. It hasn’t been long, but I am soooo over trying to sell my house! Everything about it totally sucks, and I have decided it needs to come to an end.

After much discussion we decided to use a flat fee company and list our home on MLS. I thought once we did that it would sell IMMEDIATELY, but alas it has not. This past week we showed our house over 10 times, and not one call back. I love that we are getting a lot of action but you know what that means? That I have to keep my house “show worthy” every day till we sell our house. My home certainly is not the one that you can show up randomly to and have it be clean. As a matter of fact twice, some random person “stopped by” to see the house and I had to turn them away. (PS…who does that?) Do you know how hard it is to keep a house “show worthy” with a toddler in it? Near impossible!

To keep the house as clean as possible most of my son’s toys are now in the garage. That sucks for me and him because it limits what we can play with. I don’t even bother to go find toys in there because it is now a gauntlet of things. What that also means is that my son finds his toys every time I open the garage. This is good and bad. Good when I want something for him to play with outside, bad when he almost kills himself every time we go into the garage.

One reason we are moving is because I need a yard. I’d like to say my son needs a yard, and he does…but I NEED a yard. I need a safe place for my son to play. I need a spot to put his toys and I need a spot for him to run…at home! Every time we go out to play he trips on concrete, trys to run into the road or half way kills himself in our garage. No bueno….No bueno…

I love this house, and I love our neighbors and I will miss it to death but I am now officially over selling it. Emotionally I am checked out and that makes it hard to stay. I honestly believed I would be closing on a house this summer and now that won’t happen. At this point I am not sure we will even close by fall! Ugh…it sucks. I don’t think I am cut out for this type of thing. I am just ready to move into my next home and settle in hopefully years to come….

Fingers and toes crossed for us!