Tomorrow marks the last first holiday in my little man’s first year of life. Wow….let me take a minute because it’s crazy to believe. Looking back to last year I can’t believe that 6 days after Thanksgiving my little guy was born. We still have so many more firsts to come, but Thanksgiving marks the last first holiday, and although surreal, it certainly is special.


Last  year we celebrated Christian’s first Christmas and it definitely was a special time. I couldn’t wait to have a baby to bring back some of the magic of Christmas. It shares such a special place in my heart, and I couldn’t wait to share that. Granted, he had no idea what was going on, but The Captain and I still left cookies and milk for Santa, and was sure to open presents Christmas morning with our little man.

Mr. Cheeks also joined us for New Years Eve…you can imagine how I felt that night with a 4 week old! He wouldn’t go to sleep…he wanted to party with mom and dad!


I spent Valentine’s Day with my 2 men…

P2151671 P2141657

Next there was St. Patrick’s Day!


Then Easter…


Mother’s Day (my day!)

picnic resize

Father’s Day…

fathers day1

The 4th of July…




And next will be Thanksgiving! His last first holiday! Wow! Can it really be? A year full of holidays gone by? So many wonderful memories that I will cherish forever….Time to get excited for this year of 2nd holidays! I can’t wait for Christmas with a little boy who can’t wait to rip up paper and play with boxes. Bring it on!