I won’t lie…the few months prior to my sons 2nd birthday were a challenge. I love him to death but he decided to test me and test me big time. Everything was a battle…his sleep patterns were sporadic (having a lot to do with choosing to jump out of his crib and into a toddler bed)…he stopped being pleasant on our outings, and I was frustrated. Was this my boy? Who is this kid? And then it stopped. He turned two…got sick, and once he was better it was like a switch went on. He has been the most pleasant little boy. I have found him a pleasure to be around, and although I am terrified that other kid will return…I will count my blessings and enjoy this wonderful moment in time.

It’s so hard to put into words the difference. I guess I can start with sleep. He has steadily begun sleeping till 7 or beyond (a little). Both him and me are better people if we sleep till 7. Beyond that he has started napping pretty well again. At one point I was worried he was cutting out naps, but not now. He naps every day now and it’s nice. I think more sleep adds to his pleasant behavior. He might be like me on that one. If I don’t sleep LOOK OUT! With his later sleep habits he also is able to not fall asleep in the car as easily. It used to be that he would fall asleep even if I was driving 5 minutes. If that happened it would screw up his nap later. It’s amazing how quickly a nap can be screwed up!

Above all he is just happy. He likes that he’s able to communicate with me better, and I can communicate even better with him. I have even been able to reason with him. Like…”if you eat these 3 pieces of meat you can get down from your high chair”. And guess what?? He does it! I do my best not to bribe him with toys or food (it doesn’t always work), but the fact that he can understand consequences makes my job as a mom easier. I love being able to talk things out with him.

He plays games, uses his imagination and gives me lots of kisses. The impromptu  “MWA” on my cheek or my hand when we are walking melts my heart. He kisses me and looks up with that twinkle in his eye and smiles. That my dear friends makes almost anything he does wrong worth it. On top of that he now says “love you mommy” which puts me over the top. That’s when I have to control myself from saying “I will give you whatever you want kid!”.

So even though a lot of other things in my life are stressful my son has been a pleasure. Maybe I had my terrible two’s early? The doctor did tell me it was the 2nd year of life which would mean last year. I doubt it…I have a feeling I have many more years with my very own Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. Keeps me on my toes right? For now I will just enjoy this special time with my boy for as long as it lasts. It’s just been great.