Moving isn’t easy. It is hard and it sucks. Big time! Then tack on having a kid and it just get’s ten times harder. People that do it with multiple young children?? God bless you! There is so much involved in coordination and planning makes it difficult to keep your kid on a schedule that works for them (and you), but you really don’t have much of a choice other than to go with the flow. For a girl who is the opposite of a “go with the flow” type of person that is hard. I have survived moving out of our home. We did it and I think we did it successfully. Now the next challenge is successfully moving IN to our new home, and I am starting to panic how that will work.

Packing was nearly impossible for me. My little man keeps me busy all day, and once he is asleep packing is the last thing I want to do. So we decided to allow movers to pack for us (other than all the “pre packing” we did with our original storage unit). I am so thankful that Captain Awesome agreed to this because it made my life easier and it was worth every penny. Then came moving day. We were lucky my mom was there because I am not sure what we would’ve done with the little guy. He was good all day, but between her, myself and Captain Awesome we had to keep him out of the house all day. When he was there he seemed so confused by his things being gone.

Now I need to think about moving in. Before moving in we need to coordinate a few things getting down. Paint and carpets being the priority. At that point I will be staying with my inlaws so I have to get up every day and bring us both to the house to let whoever is working in. Not the best spot for a child. So what do I do with him? Then how about those days of waiting for furniture or TV/phone hook up? Do I bring him with me? I feel like there is so much to do before our second moving day!

OK, I can have someone watch him, but my point it I can’t just do as I please. Everything takes a little extra planning. Maybe I’m just a nut job, but I worry about these things.

Bottom line? I’m stressed. I think things over way too much and it’s not good. I know it will all work out. I feel so close yet so far to being done with this whole process and it can’t be over soon enough.