Happy Easter all! I am so sorry that I was MIA at the end of last week, but I went out of town to spend Easter with my family in PA, and to be honest I really had nothing to write about. But I’m back! And I am totally exhausted! This year we had to split our Easter festivities between my family and The Captain’s. Normally we are lucky because he is Greek Orthodox, and therefore celebrates Easter on a different day then Catholic Easter…but this year it fell on the same day! Booooo

Greek Easter, or like my friends like to call it Greaster, and the non orthodox christian religions normally celebrate Easter on a different day. It works out wonderfully for us because it is one holiday we don’t have to worry about splitting. We each get to follow our family’s traditions, and celebrate both. BUT…about every four or seven years the holiday falls on the same day, and therefore screws up all my plans! As you know, I don’t budge on most holidays because we live about 5 minutes from my in laws, and 2 1/2 hours from my parents. So holidays are the times that I get to travel home to be with not only my parents but my brother and sister who also live farther away. We’ve worked out Thanksgiving pretty nicely (if you ask me), I don’t budge on Christmas (since it is the most special holiday for me), and Easter normally works out. But this year we had to compromise a bit.

In order to make it all work, The Captain and I had a pretty hectic weekend. I wanted to be able to spend some quality time with my family, so I went to PA on Thursday. The Captain wanted to go to his holy week services on both Friday and Saturday morning so he stayed behind. Then on Saturday he joined me in PA. Sunday morning we went to church with my family, ate round 1 of Easter dinner, and then hopped in the car to drive back to New York to celebrate Easter round 2 with his family, and other family friends at the Greaster festivities (I highly recommend you read the GREASTER post I linked to above to see what that is all about).

We had a heck of a time getting back into New York though. It NEVER fails. There is ALWAYS a ridiculous amount of traffic into NY on Sundays, and I guess the Easter holiday made it that much worse. Traffic just crawled! Remember my transportation issues?  I am not sure why it can NEVER be an easy ride, but it is what it is…I will try not to complain about New York in this post (although I guess I already did!)

All in all it was a nice holiday. It probably was one of the nicest Easter’s weather wise we’ve had in a very long time. And that’s with the holiday falling very early this year! I hope this weather decides to stick around because it makes for a very happy Jen! I just learned that next year both Easters fall on the same day again…and it’s like the first time in 42 years! Just wonderful….but I will try not to dwell on that one. I do have a long year ahead before Easter comes again.

So what did you do for Easter??