2015-05-18 12.20.03

Dear Tessa,

I’ve blinked and you are now 8 months old. Your little personality is starting to come through, and I have a feeling you are going to be one strong little girl! I find that others don’t always get to see the smiley happy little girl that I get to play with all day. You have this stare that others get when they say hello. You are just looking them over with a straight face. I say that nothing seems to excite you, but funny thing is that when I looked at the letter I wrote your brother at 8 months it said the same thing! You are moving way too quickly these days, and are into EVERYTHING! I am going to need you to slow down little one. I am trying to enjoy every moment with you, but at every turn you are growing and doing something new. I can’t keep up!

Yay! Your first word was Ma Ma! woo hoo! You have been kind of saying “ma” for a while, but I waited to count it  till you said it more constantly. Now I hear Ma ma all day! I just can’t wait to you say it to mean me. Your second word was Ba Ba…you love to say that and you love it even more when I repeat your words back to you. Our car ride conversations include a lot of Ma’s and Ba’s.

Let’s see…you are crawling and pulling up all over the place! It is very difficult to keep the room baby safe with all of your little brothers toys, and when we do actually have everything put away you pull up to a table, or climb over a step and eat shoes. We need more gates, but we have been pretty slow on that. You think you are pretty cool though and love to try to see where you can go next. We have the den filled with your toys, and safe things for you to play with but no. You definitely prefer all of your brothers toys and things. You are lucky though…he has been very nice about letting you play.

You are settling into a sleep routine rather nicely. We attempt 2 naps a day in the crib but due to our schedule that isn’t always possible, but I am happy to report that you handle days with a random nap schedule very well. Your brother used to be a disaster if he slept less, but not you. Just as you have since you were born you take it all in stride. You also have been sleeping a lot better at night. You go to sleep around 7 and are sleeping till about 6. Sometimes you wake at 4:30 but then will sleep through till about 8. If you get up at 6 I can sometimes get you back down till 8 which is good. Doesn’t help me much since your brother is up at 6:45 most days but what can you do?

You are taking down solid foods like a champ! I waited longer to try with your brother, but you seemed to want it so bad I figured why not!? So we do puffs, mum mum’s, avocado, cheerios, banana, eggs and pasta thus far. You do not seem to like banana and eggs which is odd to me. You like anything in a squeezy pack cause you think you can eat it on your own. I think a theme will be “I can o it myself” which will be different cause your brother still hates to do things himself. They say it’s a girl thing. We will see. Your favorite? Definitely would be solid avocado and cheerios. In purees? sweet Potato and Carrots.

Your brother loves you so much. Each morning he likes to wait to come downstairs until you get up. Once we hear you he rushes into your room and jumps in your crib. You love that, and you laugh and laugh.

Things I want to remember at this point? You don’t like being rocked in the chair before nap so I hold you and sing “you are my sunshine”. I love those moments when you are still in my arms. You don’t love to cuddle, so I cherish this. Your eyes sparkle. You may not flash the biggest smile, but I can see the joy in your eyes. They sparkle when you are happy and they sparkle when you are doing something mischievous. You have zero interest in any television show, but seem to like to listen to music. We listen to the Mickey Mouse station on Pandora while you eat and it makes you happy. I also want to remember the way you inhale your breath when you get excited, and the Gremlin noise you make all the time. Yes..the Gremlin noise. I feel like you have been making this growling noise since you were able to make sounds! Now I think you just like the response it gets.

I want to note that I think we have a Daddy’s girl on our hands. Your face lights up when he walks into the room. I hope it stays that way. I know first hand that a daughter always loves her daddy, and you are lucky to have a great one who loves you so much.

I love you little peanut. You bring me joy each day and I look forward to that smile every day when I come to pick you up in your crib.