So Memorial Day weekend is upon us. It is a weekend I wait for beginning around the January 2nd mark, and I can’t believe it’s finally here. It means the beginning of summer. It means that we have finally made it past the cold and we can enjoy the few months that actually make living on Long Island worth it. But as I sit here writing this I begin to think about what Memorial Day weekend used to mean vs what it means to me now. What once was a weekend of partying now is certainly not. Now, I am a nursing, exhausted mom who can’t hang like she used to, and although it’s fun to remember those days, I must admit I am pretty happy with the way things are now.

What did Memorial Weekend mean in my early/mid 20’s? It meant finding out where we could party. We did the Hamptons, we did local Long Island, and we did the drunken BBQ. Thinking back, I think the last time I truly partied on Memorial day was the year 2009. I checked back on my facebook albums and I remember it well. It was nothing fancy but I know I rocked it. I went out with friends in Huntington one night…drank too much at a BBQ the following day, and partied on my friends boat the last. I don’t think you can realize how care free you were until you no longer can be. After that? The years brought pregnancy and babies. At this point in my life care free is a thing in the past.

What does Memorial Day Weekend look like this year? Well, I get to go out Saturday night because we booked my Mother in Law to watch the kids. It will be a few glasses of wine with friends, lots of laughs, and most likely regretting it all the following morning. Care free? Not even close! Other than that I can say we have no other plans. It is me hoping that some friend will have a kid friendly BBQ that will offer some fun adult interaction that also allows my kids to have fun. ( did I use the word FUN too much?) I was hoping to begin the summer at the beach this weekend but it looks like it may be too cold. I’m bummed. What won’t be happening? A three night extravaganza of parties.

Some may say “oh the good old days” and yes they were. I did it…I partied, I had a blast. That is what my 20’s were for. My 30’s? My 30’s are my kids. My 30’s are me being a mom, and loving it. Many days I feel like a cruise director trying to make life fun for my kids, and that is no different this Memorial day weekend, but that’s what my life is all about. So It’s fun to remember the Memorial Day weekend of years past. They were a blast. I loved them. Who wouldn’t!? But this year I look forward having The Captain home with me for a long weekend and together enjoying the family we made. Sounds pretty goo to me.