2015-04-30 09.10.38

I have heard a lot about the differences between boy and girl children. Boys they say are rowdy but sweet, and girls calm but dramatic. My baby girl is amazing, but based on the look she sometimes gives me I worry about what’s to come. I feel like it is just too soon to see such a serious face on a little girl. It’s not angry, just more of a “I’m not impressed look”. I call it her WTF (what the fu@#)  face.

My son used to look at strangers at this age and give what we called the stink eye. He would crinkle his whole face and look disgusted. I always apologized for him. Now, I’m back at it again and apologizing for my girl. People always come up to her and try their hardest to make her smile and she just stares….stone faced. I step in and tell them that she does that to everyone, hoping to make them feel better about failing to make a baby smile, and we move on. It really seems like she is looking at them and saying…I’m soooo not impressed!

I wonder every day who this little girl will become….what type of little girl will she be? If you told me today that my son would have the sweet personality that he does I never would’ve believed you. He was very headstrong also and we had our battles. I am sure the same will go for my daughter. She is happy, and content …yet serious. I really can’t pick anything that excites her. The only thing that truly makes her laugh is her big brother. She finds him hysterical! Mommy? Not so much.

She’s just happy to be in my arms or on my lap taking it all in. Not much gets past her. I know she is always thinking. What she is thinking I am not so sure…but her mind is constantly turning. That then leaves you with her WTF face…something that won’t be so cute in the later years lol.