Dear Christian,

I don’t think I can possibly tell you what a wonderful, happy, and loving little boy that you have come to be. I also don’t think I could even begin to explain to you how happy you make me, and how every day of my life is better because you are in it. To be honest I don’t think kids ever realize how important they are to their parents. You make me smile every day….every single day. I can’t believe you are 3. How did that happen? How did you grow up to be a little boy who can talk, tell stories, sing songs, and play games? When did my baby boy become my little buddy? A buddy who makes car rides more fun, errands more of an adventure and who allows me every day to show him knew and exciting things about the world around us. I don’t think I realize on a daily basis how big you’ve actually gotten  until I look back and see where you’ve come. You have come so far. You have learned so much, and I am grateful every day for you.

You are a tall little man at 38.3 inches, which puts you in the 72nd percentile. I would’ve thought you’d score less on the weight scale, but 32 lbs (55%) isn’t too shabby!

One of the biggest changes in this year was that we moved to a new home. January 2013 brought us to Greenlawn New York! This new house gives you a lot more space to play both inside and out. I love seeing you play in our new back yard. You took the move very well as I knew you would. You deal with change well unlike your mother, and can adapt to your surroundings pretty quickly. I think you get that from your daddy. This past year also brought you to your first day of preschool! How is it possible that you are in school? You walked right in on that first day and said “bye mommy” and smiled. As happy as I was that you were OK with me leaving you at school, I also had to force myself to walk out that door. There would be hours in the day that I wouldn’t be a part of and that was very hard.

I have to admit that this past year you have been a pleasure. They say terrible two’s, but lucky for me (and you) I think we missed it. You care so much about my feelings and it warms my heart. I believe that you honestly don’t want me upset, and rarely push me too far. That’s not to say that you don’t have very strong opinions about things. The difference between this year and last year that we can communicate together better and I am better able to rationalize with you.

You are a good sleeper thank goodness and bedtime is normally around 8 and you wake up on average around 7 am with a normal 2 hour (at least) nap a day. I think a lot of that is due to the fact that you still have your “wa wa” (pacifier). You love that thing so much you choose to go to bed just so you can have it. I’ve decided I need you to nap forever. Would that be OK? Food is our biggest problem being that you just don’t care if you eat it or not. I wouldn’t be able to guess your favorite food because you could take or leave all of it. You even turn down sweets!? Who does that? And to be honest, to get you to eat your father and I almost need to finger feed you. The doctor doesn’t seem to concerned so we are just going to go with it. At least you are eating right?

Your favorite toys right now are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It’s so cute to watch you play with the action figures. You have gotten better at playing by yourself, and although it’s necessary, I get a little teared up to think that you are big enough to be left in the play room on your own. As a matter of fact you are such an easy boy to have around.

I keep our schedules pretty packed. That is because if we stayed at home you’d be planted in front of the TV and I don’t want that. So you are in school, swimming, soccer/baseball and random library classes. In between all that we do all of my errands. I think we have a good time during the week me and you.

How do I put a whole year into one post? I guess I can’t. I guess I can’t. I have so much to share with you and I hope my posts will allow both me and you to remember these precious years. You are my best guy and I love you to infinity and beyond. As always I can’t wait to see what next year will bring. I am sure it will bring us a ton of new adventures.