Dear Christian,

You are 3 weeks old today little one, and you are growing more and more each day. I looked back at the pictures we took of you at the hospital, and it’s amazing how different you already look. Another amazing thing is how much I don’t get tired of holding you and looking at you. Most of our days are spent with you in my arms and that is A-Ok with me.

We have officially been on our own for a week now! Your daddy and I are getting used to our new schedule, but I have a feeling once we get used to this schedule that you will change things up on us. You seem to be on your own schedule and normally don’t let us know what that is.

I know you can’t see very well just yet, but I swear that when I hold you you look at me and know exactly who I am. I even think I saw a real smile today when I held you. I won’t count it as an “official” first smile, but I think it’s coming. Your smiles allow me to see those cute dimples that you got from your daddy.  Sometimes, when you are laying there and falling asleep you will keep opening your eyes just to make sure I am still there. Don’t worry little guy…I will always be there for you.

You had your very first bath the other night! At first you weren’t pleased, but then you realized how nice and warm that water was and you took to it very well. You daddy and I worked as a team, and it was a success!

This week is a big week. You get to celebrate your first Christmas! Santa gets to find our house for the first time. Don’t worry, I already contacted him to let him know that you are here and that you should be placed on the “Nice” list.

I can’t believe soon you will be 1 month old! Although our days have been spent indoors, and your mommy hasn’t really left the house in weeks, time is moving rather quickly. People have warned me about this. People also have told me not to wish away this stage in your life and to be honest I’m not. You have been such a good boy that I LOVE your little newborn stage. I won’t miss getting up throughout the night, but for now I look at that time as ours. Our special time to be together.

Love, Mommy