This post was supposed to be out yesterday, but I got preoccupied! I guess newborns can do that to from now on these posts will be on Wednesday’s…

Dear Christian,

Holy Moly little one.. you are one week old already!! Forget that, I can’t believe you are actually here at all! You came to this world eleven days early, and your daddy and I are just so happy you are here. I am biased but I think you are the most beautiful baby boy. Just perfect!

I will admit that I prepared for the worst when you came home. Not that I thought you’d be bad, but I just thought I would be up ALL night, and have you cry all the time. But to my surprise you have been a little angel. I am probably jinxing myself, but you have been very good to your mommy. You sleep lots, and when you wake I change you and feed you and back to sleep you go! The nights haven’t been bad either. It’s such a nice time for you and me to be together. I am hoping you continue this pleasant personality. Only time will tell.

Your daddy is being so good with you! For a guy who never even held a baby, he holds you and picks you up like a pro. He hasn’t conquered diapers yet, but that will come with time. Every night you spend a little daddy and Christian time from about 10-1 so that mommy can get some sleep before the next feeding. I think it’s great you get to spend that one on one time together.

Your whole family has been to see you already. We had a busy couple of days at first, but soon things calmed down. As much as I love visitors, it’s nice just to be able to be home and quiet. With your feeding schedule so sporadic, it’s hard to schedule visitors.

You have been doing very well with breastfeeding (or at least I think so). You had your first doctors appointment and you weighed 7 lbs 7 oz, up from 7 lbs 4 oz which was your weight when you left the hospital. So that means that you are getting some nourishment. Also, you seem to have about 3-4 poopy diapers over the nights alone so I think that’s another indicator that you are taking to food well. I hope you keep it up and breastfeeding is a successful experience for us both.

Your Grandma has been staying with us this past week. She has been such a big help to your mommy. She cooks and cleans and I have taken full advantage of it. I found that once I got home I was very sore, and it was great to have the help since moving around was a bit of a chore. It’s nice to just be able to focus on you. It will be weird when she leaves us. I guess then I will have to figure out how to do everything on my own. Now that I am physically feeling a bit better it will be easier to get around and learn how to take care of you and myself at the same time. I’m not worried though. I think we’ll get the hang of it together. Not to mention once Grandma leaves I have your Nana close by to help when I need it.

All in all I look at week one as being a huge success. I honestly can’t believe a week has passed already! When I think back to where we were last week, and where we are now I already see such big differences. You are awake more, eat better and sleep better. All good things. I am truly blessed to have you in my world. You are a true joy in my life, and I love being your mommy.

Love, Mommy