I do my best to be organized when it comes to matters of our little family. I keep binders for a lot of things including a medical binder which holds all of our medical information. I’m always looking for new ways to keep track of our family information, and by doing that a new website was brought to my attention…. About One.com . AboutOne is a family management website that allows you to keep track of all the important information that you need on hand about your family. It’s easy to use, and I think it’s going to help me out a lot now that little Christian is here!

When you sign into the AboutOne site you will see a few tabs at the top. This makes it quick and easy access the area you are looking add information to, or to review any information that you have already added. There is Home, Family, Relationships, Education, Health and Home. All of these tabs will hold valuable information once you put them all in. One of my favorite things that can be done with the site is that you can create your own family newsletter! You can keep family and friends up to date with what is going on in your life easily, just by adding milestones and events into the site and clicking “add to family newsletter”.

The Relationship tab will house all of the contact information of people in your life. Pretty much like an online address book. The Education Tab will keep track of any school information that you, or your child may have. The Health tab is great because it keeps track of doctors appointment, medications, and diagnosis. I liked this tab because it will allow me to keep track and remember dates of appointments, and if and when me, or my future child was given medication. That stuff is easily forgotten! Finally there is the Homes Tab. This tab allows you to add homes, or properties you own in order to keep track of when and what updates were made, when the home was bought, and many other things. On all tabs you can easily upload important documents so that you can access them when you need them without sorting through paperwork.

How much does the site cost? Well first off they allow you to try it for FREE for 15 days with no credit card required. Once you decide that you want to use it, you can sign up for a monthly plan of $5/month, or you can save 50% off the monthly plan by signing up for the year for $30!

I love that the site is easy to use, and allows you to access all of your family’s information very easily. Best of all it’s secure! Any family could use a site that would make their lives easier, and AboutOne does just that. I can’t wait to put little Pooh Bear’s info in!!!

AboutOne gave me a years subscription to try the site for this review. All thoughts and opinions as always are my own.