Thanks to the generosity of my husband’s boss, we were lucky enough to spend our Columbus Day Weekend up in Wyndham Vermont at his vacation home. I have never been to Vermont, and we decided it would be a great opportunity to get a long weekend away with two of our  friends. Little did we know that Columbus Day Weekend is the most popular weekend of the year up in Vermont due to the beautiful Fall Foliage, and what beauty it was!

We started our weekend on Friday afternoon with a drive to Vermont that on a good day would take about 4 hours. How long did it take us??? 6 Hours!! I guess that is what we get for deciding to start our trip at 12:30 on the Friday of Columbus Day weekend. It was the four of us plus both of our dogs. Tinkerbell and their Pug Lupita decided they wanted the chance to see Vermont too!

The house itself was great. It was situated about 2600 feet up in the mountains. It was warm and cozy and we even built a nice wood fire each night. The first full day was spent outlet shopping in Manchester which is a big town close by. This day probably was my husbands nightmare…a day of SHOPPING! I must admit he took it pretty well until about 3:00 when he decided he was done and it was time to go home. He held out for a while though without being too crabby so I was thankful. Saturday evening we had reservations at a local Inn which we were told had amazing food. Boy were we not disappointed. The place was set up with a 4 course price fix menu. The food and service was amazing and we left completely full and satisfied!

Sunday we ventured into a really quaint town that we were told had a great General Store we had to see. It was so cute there! They had Christmas shops (which was heaven for me) and hot apple cider, and vermont cheese and candy…I could go on and on! It was just the thing I pictured when I thought of a cute Vermont town. Later in the day once we got home we took our cute little dogs for a nice long walk to enjoy the scenery. It just really proved what non hikers the four of us really are….ok…the other three weren’t too bad…me and Tinky were the bad hikers! But the scenery was worth it.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend with a good house, good scenery, good weather, good wine and most of all good friends. With a little luck we will be able to visit again in the future and enjoy Vermont during another season.